Why Use a Master Key System?

A master key system can be described as a locking system where each lock can be easily opened using a single key known as the master key. Master key systems are usually for commercial and residential applications. Master keys will make it easier for you to access numerous rooms at the same time.

You’ll find a variety of master keys in the market which vary based on the system level. For instance, you’ll find a 2 level key system which has only 2 levels of keying. It’s the lowest level since it produces less powerful keys referred to as change keys. All the keys that are below this level operate a single lock or a group of similar locks. There’re also 3 level key systems which generally consists of a system of 2 level systems that are combined. The powerful unit here is referred to as the grand master key. The last system is known as the 4 level system, which consists of 2 or more 3 level systems combines to form one great grand master key. Some of the useful situations that a master key system in Dubai can easily allow include:

a. The manager of an organization can have a single key to enter any unit or department at any time when doing spot checks on how workers are doing their job or during an emergency.

b. The maintenance personnel can have a key for opening maintenance and storage doors only when a need arises.

c. Specific vendors such as elevator, alarm, or pool companies can be given keys that provide restricted access to their areas of work.

d. Common area places such as pool gates and storage facilities can have a key that can open the place for access to authorized people.

Pros and cons of a master key system

The use of master key systems is gaining popularity in today’s world. Irrespective of whether it’s in commercial or residential places, they are very helpful when it comes to opening a door if there’s an emergency. Just like any other system, a master key system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Going through its pros and cons can assist you in deciding whether it’s the best solution for your premises or not.


1. Easy access to several units

This is the biggest advantage of a master key system. If there’s an emergency situation in your commercial or residential units such as fire outbreak, you can easily unlock the doors so that people can run for their safety. It also eases the process of performing maintenance. In an office setting, your employees only need a single key to open the doors, which helps to minimize time wastage thus increasing work output.

2. They’re affordable

Many people don’t think of this benefit since the installation of the system seems to take long and is difficult. However, it should be understood that it’s a very affordable solution to your premises. For instance, if a tenant moves from a business house, the lock will only be re-keyed, and no replacement will be made. What’s required here is only the repositioning of the lock cylinder and the pins. By doing this, the lock will continue working with the initial master key, but not the one that the tenant had. The process of rekeying a lock is much cheaper compared to replacing the entire lock.

3. Effective control of access to unauthorized spaces

A master key system effectively controls access to unauthorized spaces. For instance, you may want to keep your employees out of conference rooms, supply closets and some offices. In this case, a master key system will work best.


1. A lot of care is required to ensure master keys don’t go in wrong hands

This is because a single mistake can lead to a lot of damages and losses because someone can easily access every unit in your commercial or residential places. You’ll also be tasked to keep an eye on who has the key every time so that he or she is accountable for any unusual circumstance that appears.

2. It’s expensive to change the whole system

In case you lose the master key, you may be required to change the whole system, which can be expensive.

3. Changing locks will make the system to fail

If your tenants change the door locks without your knowledge, the master system won’t work.

In conclusion, these are some of the top advantages and disadvantages of a master key system in Dubai. Before deciding on whether to call a Dubai Locksmith to fix one in your premises, it’s essential to weigh between the pros and cons.

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