File Cabinet Lock

Keeping Items Safe

Filing cabinets are a useful fixture installed at any place, no matter whether it’s an office or a residence, and they become more useful when installed with locks. They serve as a safe storage area to keep valuable documents and other useful stuff.

Easy Accessed, Swiftly Found

The mere purpose of keeping the filing cabinet locked is to keep the useful stuff discrete so that it does not get mingled with other items and hard to find when required necessarily. Normally stuff like important files, note sheets, bank statements, tax records, medical exam reports, insurance papers, business projects, etc. but sometimes they also serve the purpose of the vault for keeping money or expensive jewelry, temporarily.

Options to Choose

Filing Cabinet Locks are major of two types, given as follows:

  • Key-based cabinet locks
  • Key-less cabinet locks

Each of the categories has its own variety. While Cabinet Locks that provide maximum protection and access control usually gain preference.

We suggest installing of key-based locks for filing cabinets and installing padlocks further to the internal locking system, however, this all depends on the requirements.

Key-less cabinet locks involve electronic locking system and access control mechanism. These locks also come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and features.

Security & Solution Within Your Budget

Manufacturers of the filing cabinet locks continue to offer elevated security with each model of their keyless cabinet lock. So, it’s better to consult any well-reputed, locally available locksmith like KeyMaker Locksmith in Dubai whose technical locksmith team could advise a better solution as per your desired security and budget.

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