High Security Lock

Locks at any location serve as the first line of defense. This makes it obvious that all such equipment shall be preferred for their quality and at this point, high security locks take the preference. Thieves or burglars avoid getting into premises where it may take them longer to break in, hence look for easy targets.

The traditional locks remain the easy targets for them. Installation of high security makes it extremely difficult for the burglars to break in because the high-security locks have customized mechanism making them near to impossible for lock picks to compromise them through just a few ‘hit & try’ attempts or commit force open on them.

Following are some of the features of a high-security lock. Resistance against forced entry –high-security locks are more resistant to destructive entry techniques owing to their heavy-duty materials and complex designs.

Resistance against manipulation – by design, components of high-security locks remain more resistant to manipulation and decoding attacks.

Restrictive Keyways – it’s the complex keyways of high-security locks which render them hard to use maneuvering tools for a lock pick. Key Control – Keys of high-security locks require a security card or code. High Manufacturing Tolerances –Increased tolerances promote longevity of the high-security lock by assisting in increasing the number of available component sizes or depths.

Key Differs – High-security locks imply complex master keying configurations and prevent cross keying..

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